About Neighborhood Assistance Consulting Agency

Assist and educate families in financial transition who have experienced significant economic distress and/or personal financial issues related to job or income loss, illness, divorce, death, and other hardship generated events, to rebuild their financial lives, learn to live within budgets and garner affordability, quality housing in their communities.

Homeowners throughout Minnesota have received mortgage modifications, foreclosure prevention  counseling, help with budgeting and much more. Many families have learned about alternatives to losing their homes and have worked with our partners to achieve their goals. 

At the Neighbor Assistance Consulting Agency, we’ve been assisting families in foreclosure and severely overdue on their mortgages for nearly ten years collaborating with various industry professionals and legal advisors as required.

To learn more, call us today at 612-922-4266 or email us through our Contact Us page.

Our Board Directors:

Constance Koopman

Marshall & Koopman R. E.

Gregg Graton

Mainly Details Architectural Design

Steven Goldschmidt, D.C.

Chiropractic Associates of Minneapolis 

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